Read My Tweets…No New News Here

As I’m learning how to use this blog effectively, I’m also learning how to use other forms of communication, too.

Twitter, despite its initial reputation for the “what I had for breakfast” kinds of communication, is actually becoming the world’s best and fastest real-time communications system.  Twitter has moved FAR beyond most people’s imagination for what a continual, personal form of communication can do.  (I say “most”, because Star Trek fans know this concept well from the Borg episodes.  Tweeters are certainly seeking to be “one with the collective”, though we are far from that.)

From it’s big jump into the spotlight with horrors following the Iranian presidential election to the continuing story today of the Haitian earthquake, Twitter has, almost overnight, taken over the world of instantaneous news alerts (all in 140 characters or less).

So, as some may have seen, I plan to use this blog to comment on things that are important to me, to my goal of sharing my learning regarding becoming a quality board member, and toward building community around issues of importance in our schools and our children in a less timely or more timeless way; and I will use Twitter to share news items of immediate importance or relevance, but for which I’m only learning about or have not formed a full opinion regarding.

And further, in many cases, outside news I repeat here will have been shared via a tweet some time prior,  in real time.

I encourage you to follow both this blog and my Twitter account.  Retweet what you feel others will appreciate, and send me respectful “directs” on anything I need to know.  I’ll be watching…and Tweeting!