An Historic Look at the Stock Market

The latest news in the stock market is tough to swallow, but hardly new to most folks who follow such things. I wanted to get a better historical perspective, so I pulled up a table of the S&P 500 Index, a highly watched measure of a diverse range of stocks, along with the historical Consumer…

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Two Creative Problem Solving Pathways

McKinsey recently published this article about a 7-step process for structured, creative problem solving. It’s a classic “problem-backward” strategy. It’s good, but it’s NOT the only strategy. The McKinsey strategy is not unlike the “Jobs to be Done” strategy (popularized by Christensen, Ulwick, and the “design thinking” others) where a problem space is identified, observations…

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Why Good Arguments Make Better Strategy

Makes the right points that strategy is hard, but that simple structures (open debate and strategy maps) can help bring clarity, logic, and testability to any strategic concept. This is not unlike the structural processes for creative ideation (see Systematic Inventive Thinking). In both cases, folks tend to think these processes have a mystical or…

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The eight trends that will define 2021–and beyond

From: Innovation Consumer behavior The environment Healthcare Coping with increased government involvement Restructuring of corporate portfolios Shifting supply chains Air travel With the exception of the “corporate portfolios” comment (which is very vaguely discussed), most of these get a lot of play in the media, and I won’t belabor them. For a good take…

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It’s Summer! How to Throw a Zero Waste Party or Event

I’ll admit up front that I’m a complete newbie at this. I was made sensitive to the issue of reducing waste when a local citizens group in Chester, Pennsylvania, who has been working for OVER 30 YEARS to stop, Covanta, the largest US incinerator from continuing to spew noxious gasses into the air and lungs…

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Existential Questions: Some Questions We Don’t Get To Ask

When you begin to ask questions or make assertions that the US should not exist, or that our Constitution or the rule of law should not guide us, or you begin to gather people together with the intent of violating that Constitution, our laws, and/or of harming or overthrowing our government or its leaders, you have now crossed the line on what is considered acceptable commentary.

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