Standards…Not Just for Academics

I want to echo here my comments this evening regarding the passage by our Board of a resolution adopting the Pennsylvania School Board Association’s Standards for Effective School Governance.

I am proud to be on the board and to have the chance to vote, for the first time, in favor of this resolution.  I believe these standards reflect years of collected knowledge and insight by multitudes of current and past board members, and I believe they are a clear statement of what it takes to be an effective board and an effective board member.

However, these standards are not just for our Board.  I take them personally and, because we represent the community, the adoption of these standards reflects the community’s support for quality leadership of the district and for providing a quality education in Cheltenham.

To be sure, these standards are hard to meet and no board can meet them without community support.  I encourage everyone to review these standards, to understand them, to participate in good school governance, and, working together, to support quality throughout our district.