Ut Prosim

Many people ask me why I place these words in my email signature, so I have created this page to help.

“Ut Prosim” generally means “That I May Serve”.

Ut Prosim is the motto of my alma mater, Virginia Tech, and many service organizations around the world.

Ut Prosim is not just a motto, though. It is a way of life that reflects a dedication to giving back to the world in a way that both sustains and aids in progress and growth for all people and all things.

Ut Prosim is selflessness, dedication, commitment, service, sharing, engagement, communication, responsibility, innovation, creativity, and many, many more things.

Ut Prosim is the first “non-profit” and remains as the only true non-profit.

Ut Prosim is what I try to be and what I hope others will want to be.

Ut Prosim is now and forever.

Ut Prosim is in all places.

Ut Prosim is.