Welcome PSBA…to the Blogosphere!

With little or no fanfare, the Pennsylvania School Board Association has launched a blog to share news and thoughts related to their mission of exploring leadership issues in Pennsylvania’s public schools.

They are currently tracking progress on their recently proposed legislation regarding the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS).  I encourage everyone to track this important issue, as well, and I want to make sure you see a specific statement from their December 22nd post:

“The key for all interested parties is to get a phone call or a letter in to your local legislator and encourage him or her to co-sponsor the PSBA bill and to champion the bill through its process in order that we can save both Pennsylvania taxpayers and school board members from a formidable task ā€“ figuring out a way to pay for the astronomical employer contribution increases that will plague the pension plan over the next two decades if long-term restructuring of the PSERS system is not enacted.”

A hearty welcome and thanks to PSBA for their courage and initiative in setting up their new blog.  May they enjoy many years of collaborative and productive communication with Pennsylvania’s community of leaders and taxpayers.