Are You Using a safe Doman Name Service?

Our District has recommended OpenDNS as a tool for parents (or anyone) to use in protecting users of the Internet in their homes from unsafe and inappropriate materials.  OpenDNS recently posted Some thoughts on Google DNS in response to the mighty company’s announcement on Wednesday that they were establishing their own DNS.  If you support a free and open Internet, uncontrolled by large advertising-motivated organzations, it’s worth a read and, more importantly, it’s worth learning how to implement an alternative DNS like OpenDNS on your home network, especially if you have young children using the Internet.

If you are not sure what all this means, contact me with a comment (I won’t publish it) and I’ll try to help.  It’s not that hard.

If you are experienced enough to help others figure this out, let me know this, too.  It may be a great way to help the community.