The Startup Checklist – The Business Canvas

Originally documented by Alexander Vanderwalder, the Business Canvas is now a standard for initiating any new business startup concept.

Now, you can find all sorts of versions of the concept, so just search for it, and find a version that you like, but know that if you AREN’T thinking about all of the aspects of your startup that align to this concept, you are not ready to move out.

If you want one right now, use this simple Google Doc to start your own. It has all the elements to get you thinking.

Get help. Get lots of eyes on your business plan BEFORE you spend a lot of money implementing it.

There are no guarantees in starting a business, but one thing is mostly guaranteed. Unless you have a sound business plan, your chances of success are slim, so take the time and build your network of support.

And listen in, and let’s talk about YOUR business plan!

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