A Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal

[Jim’s opening comments from our first show.]

Fundamentally, we’ll discuss the techniques for business startup and help build a network of entrepreneurs, leaders, and supporters in Chester and the surrounding area.

We hope to hear and share stories from successful entrepreneurs and organizers that become the knowledge base for future entrepreneurs.

Our show is for every practiced or budding entrepreneur in the Chester area.

We’ll talk about the challenges of creating business while helping new entrepreneurs and civic organizers work on their own business plans.

Our BIGGEST goal, however, is that we want everyone involved, young and old.  We want to create and nurture a mindset — a mastermind — around introducing youths to entrepreneurship through seeing the community, their family, their friends, and others moving forward becoming entrepreneurs. 

And to cast the widest net, know that you don’t have to own your own business to be an entrepreneur, you can be an entrepreneur within your company or your organization, too.

Finally, education is so important, but it is only a foundation to generating ideas.  The skill to generate ideas is in us all, and we can nurture it for lasting benefit.

And to punctuate the point — screw all those who say you can’t.  We believe in you.