On #Utilitarianism and the #Coronavirus #Pandemic

I’ve been troubled by the question of utilitarian since the nation began its journey into the pandemic, and a friend sent me a CNN article that attempted to resolve the matter.

My response:

A weak argument, at best. It fails to make a hard case against utilitarian ideals. There’s no easy way of resolving this and history is full of counterexamples, for and against.

Ask any oppressed or victorious population, and there are individuals who are in BOTH classes. It comes down to power, absolutely.

As I consider the point…

What Trump doesn’t, nor anyone else, have is the ability or power to keep the American economy afloat and secure without a lot of those people potentially affected by the virus. That’s a simple fact known before the virus showed itself. The folks most affected are those most needed by the economy — food networks, transportation networks, public health and safety networks, etc.

And in those networks, I believe now, is the right answer. None of us can be sacrificed because we all need each other, even through a long chain of needs. Break the chain enough and your own survival becomes vulnerable.

These anti-lockdown groups aren’t carrying their argument far enough. Ask them how they ate that morning. Or got gas to drive to the rally. Or got power for their cell phones. And on.

I just wish this idea was realized by the anti-environmentalists. The idea doesn’t stop at human populations.

Stay healthy. We need you!