10 Strategies to Use In Productive Turbulence

[Terrific list that has MANY applications. jb]

Let’s try to put this back together into 10 guiding principles for taking advantage of productive turbulence:

  1. With exponential change, you can’t communicate enough and transparency is the only option
  2. Build culture first, principles second, systems third
  3. Lay the groundwork for a few non-negotiables like college and career readiness
  4. Be smart about what you can control, it’s less than it used to be.  Try to leverage the change you can’t control
  5. Don’t block learning options, make them better
  6. Differentiate, be prescriptive only where results warrant
  7. Distribute the change agenda; build collaboration across components; empower teachers to pilot new tools and strategies
  8. Start a new school, even if it’s 30 kids in a portable that demonstrates how competency-based learning works and changes relationships
  9. Use two or three phases to make change manageable and to stay flexible; and
  10. Invest in change capacity–individual and collective.

via 10 Strategies to Take Advantage of Productive Edtech Turbulence – Getting Smart by Tom Vander Ark – blended learning, DigLN, IOLchat.