Youth Sports Head Trauma — Time to Take Action?

Many may have seen the October 11th, 2010 60-Minutes article on football head trauma (I don’t have a link for it anymore).  There’s also a NY Times article on the NFL injury report referenced in the 60-Minutes report.  The National School Boards Association also published a recent article on this important topic, which covers more than just football injuries.  According to NSBA’s report, 1 in 10 sports injuries involves head trauma.

I support sports of all kinds, but it’s pretty clear now that our children are at risk in some areas.  The danger of injury at a young age appears to be most damaging, too.  It’s time to review my stance on this and I want to do the right thing for all of the stakeholders.

If you have information about this issue, please share it with me.  I want to be better informed so I can ask good questions.