Thoughts On An Educational Technology Plan

In reference to this article,  I believe the 2010 National Educational Technology Plan is a good general approach and should not be over-politicized.  It seems to be moving the ball in the right direction.  The educational community should use it for the good parts and reconsider anything that doesn’t seem to work.  Far better to keep the dialog going than to throw stones as so many seem to do.

I concur that a rubric is a good approach.  KISS and Keep It Positive, Productive, and Collaborative.  Rubrics are good at pointing the way toward increasing improvement.

I also believe, in relation to concerns that technology is moving too fast to respond to or manage, that we can’t lose sight of what the technology is supporting, i.e., learning and development.  If we keep that in mind, I don’t believe any technology will come along that we can’t handle by first considering how it will affect learning, and student/teacher engagement, motivation, and collaboration.

Finally, technology goes well beyond the classroom and standards should be set for administrative use, as well as parental, community, and industry/academic use in support of K-12 learning.  We’re only scratching the surface on the ways that technology can work to support our nation’s next leaders.