My First Days on the Board

Wow, what a shock!  One minute, I’m just another interested, involved citizen, and the next, I’m on the Board of the Cheltenham Township School District.  There’s only one picture I know of for the exact moment of the transition (brownie points to anyone who can find it), but it was quite an evening and I’ll never forget it.

With the tremendous support of other Board members and the Administration over the next days, I received a very quick review of ongoing issues, a crash course in the Sunshine and Right to Know Laws, and a large stack of books and documents to read.  (I’m almost through and will be taking more courses in the job in the coming weeks and months.)

With this note, I’m opening up what I hope is a window into the making of a board member and a promise to share openly and honestly with the community my struggles and concerns in learning what is arguably a very significant role in our nation’s education system.

I hope you’ll follow along, join the discussion, and support me in learning to represent our community effectively for the benefit of our children and our nation’s future.

I welcome your respectful and constructive comments.  This blog is about me, my ideas, and my concerns.  I have no plans or intent to breach the privacy or trust of my fellow Board members or those of our district, in general.